Why you should take an online interior design course on colour

Are you confident with colour? Or do you find choosing paint and fabric daunting? So many people are worried they will get it wrong. Colour is such a versatile design tool that can instantly transform the look and feel of a space.  It’s why you should take an online interior design course on colour if you’re renovating or redecorating.

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Many people have dreams of becoming an interior designer but simply don’t have the time, and assume they can learn as they go. You know, have a go on your own house first and learn the ropes. As someone who has been to Design School, it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Yes, you may be an amazing home stylist, you might even have a great eye, maybe be a skilled renovator but it’s not the same as learning the process of design. There is definitely no shortage of interior design inspiration on the Internet, I could get lost for days on Pinterest, let alone on Instagram. But all of that information can be overwhelming, and so whether you’re designing your own home or thinking about a career in interior design doing a short guided online interior design course can be a great introduction. I’ve done a few of these in my time and yes, I did actually go to Design School full time to study for a Pg Dip in Architectural interior Design. I was recently given the opportunity to join Phoeby Oldrey of Smartstyle interiors, on her finding your confidence with colour course. I thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to get a little continued professional development under my belt in lockdown. I’ve known Phoebe for a number of years and she’s certainly a designer who knows the ropes, having graduated from the KLC School of Design 18 years ago, she set up her own studio in 2006.

The finding your confidence with colour is a three-week online interior design course that focuses on all the practical knowledge and skills you need to use colour in your own home. It’s an easy to use online format that you can pace to suit you. Importantly though there are worksheets to help you hone your learning, which having taught in the past I know is so crucial to embedding your learning and taking on board key ideas. There is plenty about how to build decorative schemes, and how to work with colour, putting the psychology of colour in sharp focus. I particularly liked the videos that Phoebe put together about how individual colours influence us and the worksheet that made me realise there are actually some colours I’m not a fan of. It was a blow if I’m honest, as I thought I was very colour tolerant! Then I realised I’ve never been a purple hue fan and never in all my years used it in a scheme. I went searching back through my sample cupboard too and only managed to find out 5 samples with anything verging on purple – they were the calmest most, non-offensive lilac. Whereas I have 2x 21Ltr tubs filled with every hue of blue fabric from indigo and cobalt through to the palest blue similar to F&B Borrowed Light.

Understanding the science of colour really is paramount to avoiding mistakes and the worry that you will get it wrong and instead get the results you want. Cleverly selected colours can help to make your home feel more spacious, and you don’t have to use white to get that effect. In fact, using colour and pattern is the quickest way to change the mood of a space. 

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colour confidence, online interior design course
Smartstyle Interiors

Taking the finding your confidence with colour online interior design course was a welcome activity during the lockdown, and as the world still continues to orbit in a topsy-turvy way during the pandemic I’m sure there are plenty of people craving something to enjoy.  It’s a confidence boost to those who love colour but are a bit worried about getting it wrong. And it’s also a good CPD reminder for those of us who feel we know plenty about how colour can create an emotional connection with our homes.  This could be the perfect time to tap into interior design classes, while we’re all at home staring at the walls. And maybe you might even be lucky enough to get one as a Christmas gift.

If you fancy treating yourself or someone you know to the finding your confidence with colour course, Smartstyle Interiors is kindly offering my readers 15% off your purchase. Just follow this link and use the code ‘Peagreen15’ when prompted.

finding your confidence with colour, online interior design course
Smart Style Interiors
colour confidence, online interior design course
Bathroom by Barlow

This is not a sponsored post, but for transparency, I was previously a tutor on the Inchbald online interior design course, and while I did not get paid to write this review, the finding your confidence with colour course was provided for free. All words and opinions my own.

colour confidence, online interior design course


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