Instagram May be my favourite colourful waste of time

For the month of May’s Instagram shout-out, I want to share some of my favourite ways to waste time on Instagram. I think we all know its a bit of a time suck if you let it, and sometimes that’s exactly what I want it to do. I want it to whisk me away to another place or fill my brain with beautiful images. It not because I’m chasing the dopamine kick of getting a like, but I think it might be the equivalent of daydreaming. There are certain Instagram hashtags that I follow to get that little bit of Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole effect… Escapism in other words.

Instagram May be my favourite colourful waste of time, Instagram hashtags, colourful instagram accounts to follow


It’s well known that I’m a lover of colour so it’s probably no surprise that I’m a fan of the #abmlifeiscolorful hashtag. What I particularly like is that it isn’t genre-specific, it’s just a great catchall for colourful things and life that is colourful. With over 3 million images it has something for everyone and definitely plenty that catches my eye. From beautiful artwork and illustration, fabulous colourful homes, bright fashion and so much more.


Another favourite colourful hashtag is #accidentallywesanderson. As the uncrowned king of colour, the fictional worlds evoked in film by director Wes Anderson have such an arresting colour palette. In particular, his pastel-hues create dreamy sequences that could honestly believe that Willy Wonka had created them. My favourite being the tones used in The Grand Budapest Hotel totally nostalgic for another place in time, but one you can’t quite put your finger on.

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#vscohonduras #summersunselection

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________________________ Hey Adventurers! 👋 We have landed and are officially dipping our toes into the expansive, diverse & amazing city of Los Angeles ☀️ For the next three days we will be exploring different neighborhoods and sights thanks to your amazing suggestions ❤️ Today we are discovering Downtown LA – take a peek at our story and see where we are heading (and if you see us wandering, come say hi 🤗) ______________________________________________________ Angels Flight | Los Angeles, California | c. 1901 • Angels Flight is a landmark narrow gauge funicular railway in the Bunker Hill district of Downtown Los Angeles, California. It has two funicular cars, Sinai and Olivet, running in opposite directions on a shared cable on the 298 feet (91 m) long inclined railway • Built in 1901 with financing from Colonel J.W. Eddy, as the "Los Angeles Incline Railway", Angels Flight began at the west corner of Hill Street at Third and ran for two blocks uphill (northwestward) to its Olive Street terminus. During operation in its original location, the railroad was owned and operated by six additional companies following Colonel Eddy • The railway was closed on May 18, 1969 when the Bunker Hill area underwent a controversial total redevelopment. The landmark was dismantled during the “urban renewal” of the area and it was not until the early 1990s that the Railway was refurbished and relocated a half-block south from its original location, reopening adjacent to California Plaza in 1996 • After a few re-openings and closings, along with an accident and derailment, safety upgrades were made to the doors of the cars, and an evacuation walkway was added adjacent to the track. Angels Flight reopened for public service on August 31, 2017 • 📷: @decafbutter ✍: @wikipedia + @AngelsFlightRailway • #AccidentallyWesAnderson #WesAnderson #VscoArchitecture #Vsco #AccidentalWesAnderson #AngelsFlight #LosAngeles #California #DiscoverLA #AccidentallyLA

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I’m always in awe of people who can nail a #flatlay. It’s never been my forte even after taking the brilliant course by Emily Quinton of Makelight Studio.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s colourful Instagram accounts to find inspiration in. If you’ve got any favourites colourful Instagram hashtags that inspire you, I’d love to hear about them, so please drop me a comment below. Until next month have fun scrolling.


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