32 Stylish Dining Room ideas – Hello Peagreen is in LuxPad again

At the end of March, Hello Peagreen was featured in 32 Stylish Dining Room ideas by the online design magazine, The Luxe Pad. LuxePad asked a whole host of interior designers and design bloggers to give their dining room ideas and share a dining room that resonated with them. It’s a great comprehensive post with 32  design ideas for your dining room which you can read here, there is something for everyone no matter what your taste.  And yours truly was included, with my thoughts on sensual dining and leaving the clutter and chaos behind.LouLou Copenhagen, LuxPad, hellopeagreen, dining room ideas, interiors blogger, space copenhagen

Here’s the tip I shared in 32 Stylish Dining Room Ideas;

Gathering together to eat is a tradition as old as time but very few urban homes have the space for a dedicated dining room. More often than not, the dining space is an adjunct to the kitchen and little more than a kitchen table. Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but I love the intimacy that a comfortable dining room offers, it’s that romantic notion of drawn out after dinner discussions. To make a dining room successful, creating the right atmosphere for entertaining is essential; leave the clutter and chaos behind. The reason I love this room albeit from a restaurant rather than a residential property is that it is sophisticated, subtle and softly sensual. Using textures such as velvet and large welcoming sofas instead of chairs gives a completely decadent feel. Add the contrast of deep blues with soft warm tones and subdued lighting and it’s a room that encourages lingering conversation.

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If you liked the tip I shared in 32 Stylish Dining Room ideas and would like to see more decoration inspiration visit my posts here.


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