Instagram inspiration for April – Wanderlusting the World

It’s raining, it pouring, the old man is snoring. So what better to do than escape? That’s always my mantra, especially when the weather is inclement. Curl up with a good book, flick through the pages of an interiors magazine, get caught up in renovation plans on Pinterest or much more likely, get lost in Instagram.  It’s the one platform guaranteed to feed your wanderlust. In fact, I think it’s raison d’être is wanderlusting the world.  It’s also a great research tool and a remarkable platform for getting feedback. Even with my tiny little following, I am always eternally grateful for comments, recommendations and general “go get’em” vibes that get sent across the interweb when I post a picture, share a thought or ask a question. It’s way more interactive than Twitter or Facebook. Although it does tend to frustrate me in bucket loads too, but there is no point in dwelling on this. I will, however, share one of my favourite research methods though; I stalk the weather in travel destination I’m travelling to via Instagram. Eh? It works like this check out the feed of maybe the hotel you are heading to, let’s take the Martinhal resort I am heading to in May as an example.  When you click on a photograph, nine out of ten times the image will show a location (directly under the name of the Instagram account), click on this and you’ll see the images of anyone who has tagged that location. Why is this handy? Well, you can check out the dress code, and you can see whether you need more warm layers than you were planning on bringing!

This month it’s about wanderlusting the world via Instagram. The number of travel pictures is VAST and travel related hashtags run to millions and millions of images. I thought I’d share a few of the accounts that fuel my wanderlust and help me ‘escape’ when the weather is less than cheery.

FOTO-ROBERTO-MEAZZA, instagram inspiration for April, Wanderlusting the world

Photo by Roberto Meazza

South Floridian blogger and Instagrammer Andrea Duclos @ohdeardrea has the kind of life living in Florida being outdoors in nature that many would want to visit. Let alone when you see her travel-grams from destinations like Mexico, Nepal, Bahamas, Guatemala and France. She’s been on the road for almost a year with her daughter who’s seven. It fills me with family travel lust like you wouldn’t believe. Her colourful photographs filled with pattern, plants and love make me smile almost everytime it pops up on my feed.Instagrammer Andrea Duclos, instagram inspiration for April, Wanderlusting the world

Not really a travel photographer, but more a colour lover @teber is one of the most uplifting feeds you can follow on Instagram. A pioneer of the early days of #candyminimal and #acolorstory, she collaborates with lots of other Instagrammers but remains fairly anonymous. Instagrammer Teber, instagram inspiration for April, Wanderlusting the world

Always guaranteed to add a few more Cities to my travel bucket list is the beautiful @theprettycities by founder @siobhaise of @prettycitylondon fame. Possible a little too much blossom than I am comfortable with (it’s the sneezing I hope you understand!) but it’s filled with beautiful Instagram friendly corners of the world. Instagrammer theprettycities, instagram inspiration for April, Wanderlusting the world

I hope you’ve enjoyed these wanderlusting the world inspired accounts and if you have any travel accounts you think I should be following, PLEASE do let me know!

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