London Design Festival spotlight on Decorex

If you haven’t yet registered you need to get your skates on as the design show Decorex starts this Sunday 17th September and is the first interiors show in the London Design Festival schedule. This is the 40th year of the show and I’m hoping we’re going to see some fairly impressive stuff for this milestone anniversary.

Art Room Wallpaper in Coach Emerald by Mini Moderns

At Decorex the Champagne Bar is a central meeting point and always a draw as each it is designed by a guest designer. This year the Interior Designer, Shalini Misra is responsible for its concept. Shalini has taken inspiration from the Great Exhibition of 1851 and will “create a contemporary interpretation of a glasshouse infused with pattern, luxury detailing and curiosities”. Can’t wait to see it, especially if I have a glass of fizz in hand. Another guest designer takes the mantle of designing the House & Garden VIP Lounge this year it is designed by leading Interior Design company, Turner Pocock.

Arundel Kelim by Margo Selby

As always, there is an extensive programme of talks exploring current trends and exploring topics central to the industry. Highlights include a discussion of the Future of design by acclaimed stylist Emilio Pimentel Reid, Francis Sultana and Kirstie Carey from Cole & Son and an analysis of colour trends with Hannah Malein from ColourHive. It’s a real opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s leading experts.

You’ll have seen me here on the blog and over on Instagram showing new products from Decorex and this is the launch pad for many new collections. There will be more than 400 exhibitors, including many who are new to the show including my friend Stuart Rodgers who is launching his new wallpaper collection below.

Carnival Block wallpaper by Stuart Rodgers
Room styled by me for the House that Bloggers Built

If you haven’t already, please register for your ticket here

To see more from me about Decorex visit here and here




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