My Week in Instagram #2: Trade shows

I’m calling
this #2 but in reality its actually 4 weeks since I started this series, as I got waylaid with being out
of the country and then having the lurgey.  The bug still persists but I
am at least back shuttling between Brighton and London again. It’s tough doing
the commute at the moment as the joy of British Rail is that it doesn’t work if
its wet, windy, too cold or too hot.  Then throw into the mix strikes and
its a hot mess really.

But March has
arrived. The sun will be shining more and the days will begin to get longer.
What am I thinking it’ll most likely be wet, wet, wet. Still though, it is March
and the year is rapidly slipping through my fingers.  Next month I’ll be
off to Italy to Milan and Turin and also to Paris so that’s all 
rather exciting. 

The beginning
of the year had 3 big trade shows that I attended  – Maison&Objet in Paris, Stockholm Furniture Fair and most
recently Ambient in Frankfurt. All with very different personalities
but all rammed with inspiration and lots of new products. I’ve been sharing
these on IGstories and in my grid on instagram. Below are some of my favourite finds that seemed to have had traction on instagram as well…. Which do you like? I’m intrigued if its the composition, product or the FOMO getting all the likes 🙂

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Welcome to March, my friends!


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