Why you need a bar cart and other stories

this week is going to be chocka block with design as I am visiting
the Stockholm Furniture Fair  and Northern Light Fair in Sweden and then at
the weekend I’ll be hot footing it to Frankfurt to attend
Ambiente is probably one of the biggest trade fairs you’ve never heard of. In
fact it is the largest trade fair in Germany and focuses on design,
tableware, gifts and home décor.  In 2016, more than 4,386 exhibitors
showcased their latest product offerings and with that in mind I think I’m
going to have to don some serious walking shoes for this one. So keep your
eyes peeled in instagram for plenty of instant updates. 

Something I’ve noticed at the trade fairs this year that I initially
scratched my head about was the number of bar carts that I have seen exhibited.
To me they are “trolleys” but I stand corrected, as I have been
called out on this. Tea trolley’s, bar carts, butler trays….. it’s a thing.  A trend that I have seen in US shelter
magazines seems to be hitting Europe – hard. Are we all
raging alcoholics who can’t keep our liquor behind closed cabinet
doors but need it much closer to hand? It might not be a surprise to
hear that alcohol sales go up in times of uncertainty. Or is that we all
want a little space to show off our sophistication or our styling skills. Is
the bar cart in fact the new display cabinet? (Flashback to my Mum’s corner
unit displaying her china
knick knacks in the 1970’s – whoa)

Whatever the reason the designers and brands are
showing them styled impeccably of course at the likes of Paris Maison &
Objet and Stockholm furniture fair. So what would you put on your trolley?

Having a bar cart though is a real styling opportunity, if you don’t have a 4 year old like me. Just think of all those pretty glasses and barware paraphernalia you’ll need. You’ll need to have a stack of beautiful coffee table books and probably fresh flowers or some succulents… it’s a stylist dream.  Oh and of course Gin… or whatever your preferred tipple is. While I might be poking a little bit of fun at this, they are actually a really practical side table option because you can move them so readily. Perfect for small multifunctional living rooms for example. 

images by: Gubi, A2, Kaymet, byLassen and Mary Middleton for hellopeagreen



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