Design Tourist: New Copenhagen Restaurant

Every well-researched trip includes a smattering of restaurant options to check out. I also like to add to the list places I just want to see for their interiors. These days restaurants have caught up with the “experience” of dining being about more than just the food on your plate – think about Sketch in London. This new restaurant in Copenhagen is definitely high in the design stakes.

If LouLou the restaurant by acclaimed chef Bo Bech had been opened when I’d visited Copenhagen earlier in the year it would have definitely have been on my list. I actually visited his Geist restaurant to photograph it. For this new venture, he turned to Danish design duo Space Copenhagen to create LouLou’s beautiful and elegant space that explores the more playful and seductive aspects of dining, while creating a comfortable and somewhat alluring destination in the city. Seems like a postprandial tete a tete was considered when they choose the finishes. Tell me would this have made your dining list?


All images by Joachim Wichmann for LouLou Copenhagen. To see more restaurant and commercial inspiration take a look here


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