Why I picked it – Liebherr Wine Fridge

Milan Design Week with the Design Hounds is a fast-paced affair, which includes some lovely meet the brand opportunities through sponsored dinners or events.

One such experience was with Liebherr Refrigeration, I was chuffed to know we’d spend some time with this team, as I am a fully paid up member of the Liebherr Refrigeration owner club.  In my own personal kitchen, I have a 10-year-old Liebherr fridge freezer and it has kept me very happy.  I love Liebherrs commitment to using great engineering to create solutions that keep food fresh while also being eco-conscious and thinking of the end consumer. I am even happier that they have launched the most perfect product ever. The new compact WKEgw 582 aka the wine refrigerator that’s the same size as a microwave. It holds 18 wine bottles AND I WANT IT. I’m not kidding I really really want this in my life. So why have I picked it?

Liebherr Wine Fridge, hello peagreen

There are lots of technical and design reasons to choose this wine fridge and I’ll come to that but firstly I drink wine and so does my husband. Secondly, wine takes up precious space in our fridge. Space that could be better used for holding all the fruit juice my son drinks (I’m not convinced by this reason as wine trumps juice every time) and in a wine fridge it would be stored correctly. Thirdly I have THE perfect spot for it.

Liebherr Wine Fridge, hello peagreen

Yes, this is my microwave and as you can see it is essentially a rather flash metal box that I store treats and chocolate in.  You might be wondering why?  Quite simply it doesn’t get used. Not even once in the last 18 months, because it’s actually broken. I have discovered in the last 18 months that I do not need a microwave in life, in fact, I haven’t missed it one bit. The reason I store treats and chocolate in it is that my son can’t open it. I really do not need my flash metal box for storing chocolate and I think I should replace it with a super duper top of the line wine refrigerator instead.

Liebherr Wine Fridge, hello peagreen

This new line by Liebherr holds 18 wine bottles in a compact space with an A+ energy efficiency rating. These cabinets are equipped with the latest climate technology and offer everything necessary for optimal wine storage, including low-vibration compressors.

Liebherr Wine Fridge, hello peagreen

They feature ingenious, touch-to-open “TipOpen” technology thereby offering the perfect solution for seamless integration into streamlined kitchens. With tinted glass to prevent UV radiation, humidity control and an easy-to-replace activated charcoal filter, my wine would be in the best possible hands. Well at least until it reached my glass!

Liebherr Wine Fridge, hello peagreen

With such amazing quality and performance and a qualified track record in my own home, I’d pick this product in a heartbeat.

I was not paid to review/recommend this product, to see more of my kitchen and bathroom advice and inspiration take a look here. Why I picked it brought to you by Mary Middleton for hellopeagreen.com.

All images by Mary Middleton except for the third image from Liebherr.


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