Bookish – The Wealden Literary Festival

I love to read and find it rather odd that not everyone shares my joy of
the written word. I’ll even read a book I dislike to the end. At my rather fab
bookclub, we drink champagne while we discuss the merits of the monthly
read. It’s all rather proper though, we do actually read the book.  In fact, there’s an enforced three strikes for not having read the book before you are dismissed!!  

So I am more than happy to share with you all the details of an emerging literary festival in Kent – The Wealden Literary Festival.  My friend Laura approached me with the details and it just sounds fantastic. It’s a festival rooted in place and nature for children and adults. Given how much I loved the Good Life Experience in Wales last year it sounds right up my street.  It’s on the 18th – 19th June just outside Tenterden in Kent.  The theme will be explored through literature and art plus they’ve got a fantastic line up of authors, artists, craftsmen, food stalls, children’s workshops etc over the course of the weekend. The Meek family are going to be running a children’s bushcraft workshop – I know at least one small boy who’d be fascinated. The venue is in the heart of the countryside surrounded by 100 acres of woodland and farmland, so the idea is that people will come and run wild in the countryside for the weekend and hopefully be inspired by the artists and acclaimed authors.   They are currently holding both a photography and a writing competition to win tickets to the festival – each has an under 14’s category. 

Hopefully, I’ll see you there


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