London Design Week 2016

If you’re an interior designer or an avid consumer
of interiors trends you’ll be familiar with the 
Design Centre Chelsea Harbour in London. It’s the
lynchpin of fabric, surface coverings, furniture, lighting and interiors
products in the UK, standing at over 150,000 sq ft it’s a design
destination with lots to offer. The three light-filled glass domes of
DCCH are this week the nucleus of the London Design Week activities, while
the sun streamed through on Monday I took my first run through of what was new
and exciting.

If you’ve never been to the Design
Centre at Chelsea Harbour it can be a daunting, there is a lot of ground to
cover and it can feel like there are endless showrooms – there are 116 in fact.
During design week the centre is open to the public from Wednesday 16th March
till Friday 18th, it’s a good time to visit as it feels more approachable with
design trails to follow, plenty of demonstrations and talks by designers,
makers and crafts people.

Before I hit the Harbour I dropped by the Lapicida showroom on
Lots road. I was impressed with their new porcelain tile collecting but really
I just wanted to lust after the stone cladding.

A big hit for me in the gorgeous dappled light of
the North Dome was the
Fox Linton
Fox Linton’s own classic range of fabrics are
presented alongside the colourful Jim Thompson and the luxurious Loro Piana.
 This showstopper merchandising got me a bit snap happy. I especially
wanted the Demi Lune Sofa seen in the foreground here.

Another showroom that knocked my socks off was Pierre Frey over in the Design Centre
East, plenty of heart pumping pattern that got me a bit breathless. Oh and that
blue leather bag (that isn’t mine) was the perfect prop.

favourite new showroom was
Arte, yes I really like the product but I
LOVED the new showroom design. A winner in my book.

lovely team over at
Porta Romano had their craftspeople in making
beautiful lamps.

The ever
lovely and gracious Lizzie at 
Fromental chatted for awhile about the
new showroom and then went on to give a wonderful demonstration of
painting techniques. 
Whistler leather also had demonstrations
running throughout the day.  

London Design week is on until Friday 18th March
to find out more click
I’ve been posting more of my finds over on instagram

All images by Mary Middleton for apart from artist impression of Arte showroom.


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