My year of travel and the #Take12Trips challenge

How I’m using the #Take12Trips challenge to change my perspective in 2016.

Happy New Year to you. So it’s 2016 and whilst there is still no sign that I’ll have a personal rocket pack any time soon but I’ve still got plans to fly… I’m
trying to get out in front and organized this year for work and personal travel and I’m also trying my hand at the 
#Take12Trips Challenge. I saw it over on the wonderful the travel hack blog and it seems the right antidote to the sadness and pain that 2015 brought. So while the aim is to take 12 trips they aren’t all going to be jet setting adventures in fact 3 of the booked trips are for right here in the UK. 

So on the cards so far;

Paris for work admittedly, but I’ll be off to Paris Deco Off and Maison & Objet this week. It’s a city I visit at least twice a year and I can’t wait to get back for my next fix.

Stockholm again for work to go to the Stockholm Furniture Fair. It’ll be my first visit to this exhibition although I have been to Stockholm before. I am so looking forward to being bowled over by Scandinavian design. If anyone has any tips I am all-ears.

London for the discerning adult, oh yes, at last, some time away, full of adult fun at the blissful Ham Yard Hotel. Firmdale’s newest outpost is an interior writers dream full of saturated colour, wonderful texture and impactful styling.  I love staying in London hotels, as a born and bred Londoner, it wasn’t something I really took part in until we moved to Brighton and now I’m hooked.  

Rye & Camber for a weekend of family fun and frolics (with my dashing dachshund too). I booked the Sunday Times and Tatler recommended
Gallivant almost 9 months in advance because a weekend visit to this beautiful dog-friendly accommodation is a sought after commodity. We can’t wait for long walks on the beach, good food and antique hunting – a great 
#take12trips staycation idea

Woburn Center Parcs a family trip that everyone can enjoy. If you have a
child under 5 then Center Parcs is THE business. You don’t have to worry if you’re little angel throws a wobbly (plenty of other kids doing the same) and the indoor water park is bound to burn off some energy.  There are plenty of family-friendly places to eat and the grown-ups can go and relax in the wonderful spa… WIN WIN really. 

Copenhagen in the sun. A weekend getaway to wander the pretty streets of Copenhagen, visit the wonderful design shops and get my Danish design fix. 
Plus a trip to Copenhagen with a pre-schooler wouldn’t be complete
without a trip to Tivoli Garden and the 
Den Lille Havfrue. It’ll be my second trip in 2016 with the fantastic Norwegian Air who fly from Gatwick just up the road. See this #take12trips challenge has made me look at every long weekend ina different way now.

Family Festival Fun at the Goodlife Experience. In September we will be back for our second fix of culture, food and the great outdoors at the Goodlife Experience in set in the stunning grounds of the Hawarden Estate in North Wales. Guaranteed fun and frolics for the whole family, our dog Milo had a brilliant time, almost as much as we did. My highlights from last year were sitting engrossed around the campfire listening to all kinds of speakers including Ben Fogle’s talk on a life well travelled, the helter-skelter (so much fun even with the ubiquitous carpet burns!) and salsa dancing my socks off to Cuban band ‘Revolucionarios Cubano’ with my son on my back. The Tincup Whiskey shack was also a rip-roaring stop on our way back to our bell tent. Click over to the Good Life Experience website to keep an eye on the 2016 festival plans. 

Le Sud. No holiday line up would be complete without our annual fix of the South of France. We’ll be back enjoying the sun and rose in the summer and I’ll be desperately trying to improve my French. Grade B GCSE really doesn’t cut the mustard when you really need more than où est la plage?

Then our biggie trip…… yes we are going to circumnavigate the globe again, New Zealand here we come! At the end of 2016 for a big family milestone, we are all going to be brave and travel for 36+ hours to visit family and friends and have a fantastic reunion. I say brave, as when you plan to travel that long with a preschooler you need your wits about you and lots of patience ~ I have a great tips blog post here from our last trip to NZ. Probably more helpful would be persistent courage in trying circumstances – not something I possess buckets of. 

There are 365 days in a year and 52 weekends. When you think of the year like this, taking 12 trips doesn’t sound that hard. “Real life” and jobs do eat into this time granted, but it’s still a lot of time to travel. I’ve still got some travel ideas up my sleeve for other destinations in 2016 butI’m looking
forward to a new year of travel ahead with lots of new experiences. Bring it



  1. January 20, 2016 / 3:10 pm

    Bring it on indeed. Wow, this sounds awesome. And I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on in NZ. I'd love to go but I don't want to wait until our little guy is older. That long flight could be a toughy with a pre-schooler!

    • January 20, 2016 / 4:33 pm

      Monica, I took my son to New Zealand when he was just 15 months old and it was actually a breeze. All things considered. I was so very worried about the flight but actually he was ace he slept and had the munchies. The jet lag for him was horrid though and it kept us up as well as a consequence. I'll let you know how going with a 4 year old is once I've done it.

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