Amberley castle – Would you stay in a haunted house?

With Halloween fast approaching and spooky activities being top of the coming weeks fun, I pondered whether I would stay in a Haunted House? In fact, I have already stayed in a haunted inn for a wedding but I think I was too inebriated to notice.  There are a number of reportedly haunted locations in England most notorious of course being the Tower Of London and Hampton Court Palace.  However, the only place that’s supposedly haunted that I’d like to stay in is the luxurious Amberley Castle
not far from Brighton. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a moated medieval retreat? 

Amberley castle, hello peagreen

I remember seeing pictures in Mr & Mrs Smith’s 2003 book about places to stay. It’s funny how books used to be how research was undertaken. I for one had lots of these luxury travel books by the likes ofHerbert Ypma but now, of course, we just pick up our phones and do a google search when we are looking for inspiration. How times have changed…. Now I sound like my mother! For more of my travel inspiration take a look here.

Anyway back to Amberley castle, who’s with me?

To get the look all you need to do is install antique oak or mahogany panelling, a suit of armour and some seriously detailed carved oak dining chairs.  Now you are all set for your own haunting. A very British haunting.


Items above all via 1st dibs. 1, 2, 3, 4

Images from Amberley castle website here.


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