LDF15 Highlights – Curiosity Cloud

I really filled up my dance card at this years London Design Festival and yet still only managed to see a small fraction of it. If I could do the week again (and without family a crisis) I’d have stayed up in London for more than 1 night to squeeze more in.  Its difficult to do when you’ve got to get back for nursery pick up timesAn exhibition that captured my imagination and was sheer joy to see was the ‘small Discoveries’ series for Perrier-Jouët at the V&A museum.  Curiosity
Cloud by
mischer-traxler’s suspended buzzing insects in hand-blown globes by renowned Viennese crystal maker Lobmeyr. It was a delight to be in such a beautiful room at the V&A and then to see something that just gets your brain engaged. Inside each globe there was a variety of hand fabricated beautiful insects. 

The insects made a musical tinkling sounds as they fluttered against the glass, and as if they were alive they flew faster when you in moved closer for a better view. I loved becoming part of the exhibition, I enjoyed the anticipation of hearing the tinkling sounds before you entered the room and most of all I enjoyed the curiosity it invoked as I searched for the different “specimens” in the globes. After the Festival Curiosity Cloud will move to Perrier Jouet’s Maison Museum in Champagne in France to sit alongside it’s Art Nouveau furniture pieces. 

Image by ED Reeves for VAM


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