Countdown to Frieze Art Fair

Today I’m remembering Norwegian
artist Ida Ekblad’s A Day of Toil, Acrylics on unprimed linen canvas from Frieze
New York on the countdown to Frieze Art Fair London starting in 10 days. So co
and incredibly easy to live with.  

Also the
wonderful Jonathan Horowitz’s “700 Dots” project on the Gavin
Brown stand. Jonathan paid 700 participants $20 each to paint a neat black
circle on a small white canvas, they were given very precise instructions and
coached through the process. The dots were hung as soon as completed and the
entire collection of dot paintings were
sold as a work of the artist. This made me grin as I watched with fascination how people approached the task and concentrated intently on job in hand. 

My Frieze
Art New York experience was entirely due to the wonderful Modenus who brought
me along on BlogTourNYC. So incredibly grateful to Veronika for inviting me.


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