Keeping that holiday feeling – design tips

It’s so lovely coming back from holidays
rejuvenated, refreshed and with a spring in your step. It’s also amazing how
quickly that feeling fades and if you’re really unlucky the holiday blues set
Ever since
technology has allowed us to travel the world by high-speed train and
aeroplanes, the world has become a smaller and more accessible place.
  Keeping that holiday feeling is so important
when you get back to your home and your “regular” life. 
Consciously or
unconsciously ‘home’ is often about familiar surroundings and things.  It’s why your bed at home is often the
comfiest. Taking that holiday feeling home is about engaging with our senses.

Whilst on our vacations the instant
gratification of items and places that immediately look appealing, may in fact,
not work back home.  My husband and I often
refer to the term “does it travel well”, meaning will it work at home, with our
things? In our light? Have you noticed how the light is often blissful on
holiday? It’s a warmer colour temperature whereas in the UK the light can be
cooler. Obviously this all depends on where you’ve holidayed. What it can mean is that the colour saturation level you loved on the walls of your lovely Villa/Finca/Cottage just might not work so well with your belongings and the light levels when you get home.


You might not have realised how sight
is in constant interaction with
touch. A pebble polished by waves is
pleasurable in your hand as well as lovely looking.
  Of the senses, taste, is probably the most
personal. While the root of this sense is survival you can taste if food isn’t
good to eat. It also can transport you straight back to a time and place. I will always
remember the first taste of Dolce wine (12 years ago) and know exactly where I
was. Hearing is an instinctive sense but sound can trigger behaviour through
memories. The soft
sounds that wafted through your window on vacation helped to
create a sense of place and possibly relaxation.
Smell is a powerful and
emotive sense – which is why it scents are so particularly effective at
unlocking memories and emotions.
sense of smell seems to be the most powerful trigger for memories as through
scent we re-experience.

Whilst being on holiday does also mean
a change of schedule and often a change of pace which in itself is relaxing,
our senses can help us capture some of these feelings when we are back in our
homes. You don’t need to
your whole house just add some little touches that help to trigger those memories. Candles, textures, a holiday soundtrack, vegetables from the market but remember if your style isn’t rustic then driftwood and beach finds will never “travel well”. Instead introduce a candle that reminds you of the sea into your home and succulents in interesting textured pots. Be seduced by touch and scent.

And remember be in the
moment and try to slow down time.


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