How to use vintage pieces in your home

My love of vintage is well documented here. As far as I’m concerned there isn’t much better than a morning spent hunting for vintage and pre-loved bits and bobs. If you’re a lover brocantes or flea markets integrating those impulse finds into your home can be a head-scratching moment once you’ve got your purchases home. I now have to stop
myself, almost forcibly, from buying any more chairs. Well at least until I get storage container or something else of that sort. One couple who don’t seem to have that challenge is Andrew and Erica behind The Other Duckling, an eclectic online store full of great vintage homewares, delightful home accessories and gifts most of it with a vintage vibe. Their lovely home is a delightful mix of their vintage finds, homely accessories, and bright colourful contemporary items and wallpaper.  In fact, if you pop round for a cuppa at my house you’ll find plenty of vintage pieces too, so I’m a fully paid up member to the vintage sourcing club.

vintage homewares, hello peagreen

I think it probably helps that they both have a very strong visual language, Andrew having worked in digital media and Erica as a trained textile designer with a long stint in marketing and design including at the awesome innocent
drinks. Their family home exudes that casual confidence that so many of us want in our homes, a space that reflects us and is unique. That’s when vintage hunting can really work it’s magic, you might just find something no one else
has. Or at the very least won’t be available on every highstreet.  Erica and Andrew s
earch high and low for unique and interesting pre-loved vintage homewares for their store and some of these wonderful treasures end up in their own home.

The wonderful vintage kitchenware shown above are not just for show (I’m especially taken with those blue pans). And according to Erica they work just as well on the Rayburn as they do on their induction hob, practical as well as pretty.

An up cycled chair in a hallway with modern wallpaper by Cole and Son Flamingos (it comes in 4 colour options). Juliet Travers also does a lovely flamingo wallpaper called Nakuru.

vintage homewares, hello peagreen

Decorating a room with different furniture styles, colours and patterns creates a unique space — but it can also be hard to pull off. My advice, contrast is key. Furniture that feels wrong in a space can often be made to look right by painting it or reupholstering.

Just like Erica and Andrew I’ve also used vintage crates in my own home to store children’s paraphernalia and toys.
They’ve taken it one step further though, fashioning some fabric liners to cut down on splinters and stop escapee toys. These also slide in and out really easily so little Delilah can always get to her toys herself.

I asked Erica how she achieved the right balance of vintage in her home. She puts it down to unconscious decisions about surrounding themselves with things they like (which just happen to be a mix). Some of it is just practical (and
historical) but they’ve always liked contrast…. like rustic old wood furniture against contemporary prints or tiling, jam-packed shelves full of vibrant colour against clean white walls, contemporary lighting and vintage
decorative accessories.  The calm spaces all help to set off the quirky stuff.

If you’re looking for some vintage inspiration and additions to your home I think that’s sage advice from Erica. Below are some beauties to help you get the balance right.

vintage homewares, hello peagreen

Top Row: industrial style storage stacking boxes, large enamel saucepan, handmade mug

Middle Row: blue chair, crate and bottlesvintage demijohn

Bottom Row: jelly mould, victorian enamel jug, black painted chair

Recycle and Reuse. Preloved = real love. To see more of my favourite vintage homewares take a look here and here.



  1. August 6, 2015 / 3:11 pm

    Absolutely love your Aga, did you paint that yourself? Looks very Matt effect! Just gorgeous!

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