What I learned on my holidays

I promise I haven’t fallen under a bus,
I may have been AWOL from hellopeagreen.com but I’ve been having a whale of a
time on holiday. I’ve been instagramming like crazy about it too. I know I
shouldn’t brag and I’m not, it’s just I’m inspired.

There was a great article in Saturday’s Guardian by Amy Jenkins that just had me chuckling so much in light
of my own recent holiday. She talks about the dawning realisation that after
having children, holidays are not really holidays. Well at least not like they
used to be, where long lazy days merge into one another.
  She’s given a chance to have a solo holiday
and it doesn’t go as planned – something I fear might happen if I ever tried to do this. My dear husband
and I have come back from a two week camping trip in the South of France definitely
more tired than when we started out. 

Well I say camping, but strictly in the
loosest sense of the word, as we were in a mobile home with air-con, no less. Although my instagram photo’s probably implied were staying at a water’s edge villa – gosh the edited version is beautiful!  Don’t get me wrong we had a really great time but it’s hard work being the
parents of a two year old. Keeping him happy becomes the whole point of every
day and you get to the end of day and realise you’ve had none or very little
time for yourself.
 We’d spend the days
mostly at the
children’s play area or at one of the five outdoor
swimming pools, our son desperately trying to make friends and announcing to
any child that crossed our path “you’re my best friend”. In the evenings we sat
on our enclosed deck outside our “holiday home” mainlining Rosé and discussing how hot the day was and how tired we were.  It’s a very different rhythm, but that doesn’t
mean I can’t dance to it.

Images above taken in the beautiful Aix-en-Provence, St Tropez and St Raphael Port, all essential visits if you’re in this part of world. As is Monte Carlo but we’ve been there plenty of times before and I really didn’t fancy trying to wrangle a two year old there. 

 Palm trees from our campsite and views to the mountains beyond.

See more of my instagram pics here. We stayed at Camping La Baume
in Frejus. 


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