I have a confession. I have a Breton addiction

I know I have a problem but I cannot be alone
here? I am a
stripes-addict. Vertical or
horizontal, traditional navy or streaked with colour,
are undoubtedly my favourite pattern to wear.

SO who else is completely addicted to
stripes?  I realized looking through my
wardrobe as I was pulling out clothes to pack that I have stripes in pretty much
all categories of clothes; jackets (2 of those), dresses (2 of those but I only
own 3 dresses!), jumpers, cardigans, trousers, shirts, vests and then
the scary category of short and long sleeve t-shirts (almost too many to count). I just can’t
help myself.

It’s undeniable and if you’ve met me you’ll have noticed, I tend to wear them everyday and everywhere. It’s the humble breton shirt that’s the gameshow highlight in my opinion. More than a wardrobe staple it’s an essential. What started out life as a simple uniform for the French Navy seamen was adopted by CoCo Chanel and has been worn by likes of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Long live the matelot…. Oh I wonder if I’ll be able to get some different Breton tops on the Cote d’Azur next week? Send help please…… I need an intervention.


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