Pairing patterned wallpaper and art

is still a favourite interior choice when people renovate and I’d go so far as
saying it’s a mainstay rather a trend. 
Wallpapering in a strong pattern still causes people’s hearts to flutter
a little about the commitment required. 
The thought process being I’ll go off it, it might not go with my
furniture or artwork, however it’s not so difficult to replace.

generally don’t think twice about repainting and it really isn’t much more work
to repaper. Great wallpaper can immediately set the tone for a room and really
quickly create a mood. I have a wonderful vibrant patterned wallpaper in my own
living room and I love it. If interiors magazines and pinterest have shown us
one thing, it’s that layered is best. You shouldn’t fear it “not matching.” Having
things too matched feels staged and a curated collected look is far more
personal.  Where it can get slightly tricky
is when you hang your art. 

how can you get your art and patterned wallpaper right?
I think the most successful art and patterned wallpaper pairings fall into
3 categories:

High contrast; in the same way that art
often looks brilliant against deep saturated colours – look at the National
Portrait Gallery

Black & White; it is a classic
combination and can make a strong graphic statement

Tonality or similar; sharing a depth of
colour, a hue or a motif can be unifying and very successful

Images via here, here, here and here


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