4 Reasons to love Paris

am exhausted after a glorious, but frantically busy four days in Paris. I’ve
been absolutely
craving a trip to Paris as I haven’t
been since before the arrival of my little one.
The whole
reason for this trip was for Paris Design Week which means essential Maison et
Objet and Paris Deco Off visits and unfortunately there wasn’t much time to
squeeze in much else. But it was Paris.  And
Paris is well… Paris! 
It was le coup de foudre (love
at first sight) all over again even though it was very cold and prone to rain
and drizzle.

are countless reason’s to love Paris and some are clichéd but this trip made me
realize how dear to my heart the below are.

Parisian roofline
in all its higgledy-piggledy
glory is a triumph. It sparks your imagination and makes you lean out windows
to see more.

anywhere is a joy as there is always something that captures your attention. A
quick route might include a
bridge or maybe a quirky alleyway and if you’re lucky a glimpse of the Eiffel

majority of the buildings’ façades, windows, balconies have the most
arresting stonework and detailing. Equally the doors and ironwork, and that’s
before you’ve wandered into the small passages and see what they will reveal.

is a way of life in Paris. You
don’t have to be at Les Deux Magots to appreciate that; a) Paris is
best people-watching city there is, b) wine with lunch is
always acceptable in fact you might even see it being drunk at breakfast
too (I only every wanted a café crème with my bread and jam) and c)
on your own is perfectly acceptable to sit in a bar or café and either keep to yourself
or be sociable d) eating well is easy in Paris.

hope I don’t have to wait too long to visit again. Please visit my instagram feed for more images.


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