Colour palette inspiration – for kid’s rooms

Inspiration can come from all sorts of
places and for all kinds of reasons. It’s rarely the same from one person to
the next or even week to week.  I
was talking to my tutor group last week about how it’s good to get to know your
own shortcomings and preferences but to always keep your eyes and ears
open.  I know that I have a “thing”
for chairs and will often have a vast range of chair designs in a scheme at
FF&E stage but will only have a limited number of sofas for example. 

When it comes to looking for inspiration
it can from anywhere…. And when you are least expecting it. I’m particularly
taken with the below My Circus book by
Xavier Deneux – who is a great French children’s illustrator.  My son really likes this book and it’s
given me
plenty of joy too, including the inspiration for the colour palette in
the below children’s rooms.
  With small splashes of colour and crafty peep-through holes in the pages
what’s not to love about this book. Whilst clowns may freak some people out,
the colour and minimalist lines of the big top and the circus illustrations are
palette glory.

All images via pinterest here


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