A good read deserves a good home – living with books

I thoroughly enjoy reading. I love a good book to escape into and for me that’s just as often a
design book as a work of fiction. I’m also a member of a book club and
personally insist on having the actual book rather then using an e-reader. I’m
not normally a techno dinosaur but for me reading is also a romance, it’s about
turning the page, physically feeling your actual progress and the sentimental
smell of past reads (aka dust!). So giving these treasures a home is important
and can be a conundrum if space is tight (or over flowing in my case). I no
longer keep everything I read (and my local charity shops are doing well I hope
from my book donations) but there are plenty I think I’ll read again or are
good reference books need to find a home in my house.

You may have seen my post about my home office
becoming a guest room here. This means I also have to put my design cap on
about where to house some of my books. I’m not talking necessarily about organising but keeping it tidy and accessible. 

So what tips can I offer on managing a surfeit of

1) Custom designed storage to
suit your décor. This doesn’t necessarily mean built in, I designed the below for
my dining room. It’s influenced by Victorian mahogany revolving bookcases and it
packs in plenty of paperbacks.

source here

2) Think about all the rooms in your house.
Cookbooks in the kitchen might be obvious, but don’t forget hallways, bathrooms
and bedrooms there is usually space for a tidy styled stack.

3) Stacking books into functional side tables – this
is best achieved with art, architecture and design books

4) It’s not uncommon to see books styled to create
visual interest in magazines and on pinterest.  Whilst not everyone is a fan of colour coding do consider
lying books horizontally as well as vertically. They can work really well as a foil or platform for interesting objects

source here

source here

Finally and by no means least, 

5) Remember book covers can be amazing and should be shown to the world

I’m obsessed with books in living spaces and you can
see more on my pinterest board here.


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