Colour Palette Inspiration – danger black & yellow

Whilst the
interiors world seems occupied with emerald green at the moment (I might add I
LOVE almost all greens), I’ve found myself being drawn to strong contrasts that
seem to include yellow. Marketing folks and those who have studied colour
psychology will tell you that yellow is more likely to capture
your attention than any other colour, hence why it is used in
advertising and for warning signs – not just traffic signs but also in nature.

It’s the most luminous of the colours in
the spectrum as it reflects the most amount of light, meaning that a little goes
a long way.  So maybe my yellow focus
is just because I have fallen for yellow’s ruse. I also have yellow in my own home so maybe I’m just not straying too far with my thoughts, just putting them together in a different way. However I think its a palette for the brave and in a home it could be one you’d go off fairly quickly unless you balanced it with plenty of white (see below) but for a commercial space it would be brilliant.

 Image source here, here and here

 Image source here, here and here

Image source here, here and here and top picture of umbrella here

I’m quite taken with this yellow bookcase in Orla Kiely’s house with the dark floor, as seen in the London Magazine.  Its screaming take a seat and read here. My kinda spot and a liveable option


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  1. November 25, 2013 / 3:14 pm

    Brilliant post …. I seem to be drawn to yellow too! I used to hate it but recently it seems to be catching my eye.

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