NYC trip planning: Thank you

I have had some great tips and advice about my
upcoming trip to NYC and I just want to thank a few people.  
Katie Treggiden over at confessions of a
design geek who pointed me to her great post’s on NYC here and here.
The ever-lovely Veronika Miller at Modenus who
connected me with Tina Ramchandani at life in sketch, who was very helpful. See
her Nolita walking tour here.

Veronika also connected me with Sarah SarnaUrban GardensJames Bedell and Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo (whom I met on Blogtour London 2011)
I also had a great response on twitter and so many people
offered up great ideas. Especially 
superfuture for their amazing NYC guide.  It really is worth checking out. My thanks also goes out to:

John Richard Collection

Andrew Dunning for reaffirmed my hotel choice!

Salvo and

Raina Kattelson.‏

Thanks to everyone who gave advice and tips including those who commented in the original post.  I’ll
let you know all about it when I’m back from NYC. Let the count down commence

images from here and here


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