How many chairs does a girl need? Wednesday Wants

How many chairs does a girl need? The simple answer
is many. AND a container for all the others.  I just can’t get enough of chairs, they draw me to them in a
way that sofa’s never do.  In my
lovely little home I have plenty of chairs (and some in the loft too) but every
time I’m out sourcing or vintage hunting its chairs that call my name (buy me,
buy me, buy me they say).

These modern beauties in grey would definitely make the long list for me, although I’d probably change the fabric. The lovely Ro chair by Jaime Hayon, the Lady armchair from SCP and Vitra Grand Repos Lounge chair. I love the shape of the Lady chair but would probably want to stretch to an original 1950 Italian one if money was no object. 
I have several chairs that I love in my home. My orange slice chair by Pierre Paulin has been in my possession for almost 15 years and the 1950’s rocking armchair was spotted in a flea market not even two years ago (reupholstered to go in my son’s room). Yet I’m on the search for another…. don’t tell my husband a the flea market find nearly caused a divorce – it smelt really bad and lived in our car for about 4 months. He agreed it looked great once I’d got around to giving it a new life. 

You only have to look back to herehere and here to
see it’s not a new phenomenon.  I
was recently out sourcing and these lovelies took my fancy I have neither space
nor a project to place them in but they are delicious anyway. Both wingbacks are by hb group.

I’m also a 1stdibs addict and I saw these gorgeous chairs online just last night. Oh to have the funds for an original 1950’s Italian Lady chair and a pair of Finn Juhl chairs…. I can dream I’ve won the euromillions right? 

Found hereherehere and here.


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