Etsy Is My Vice – Wednesday Wants

I wouldn’t call myself an addict but I
really cannot get enough of Etsy.
I regularly find myself trawling through vintage trinkets, furniture and
  Once furniture was a no
go, as nearly everything was stateside, but now, there is a burgeoning
collective of UK shops.
utilizing the search function is key to unearthing a gem or two and keeping in
mind shipping costs.
  I’ve been
lucky enough to find items that I’ve genuinely been looking for and some that
just screamed BUY ME.
 I love that
people have taken the time to style and photograph their wares appropriately
(unlike on ebay).
 It makes the
searching and buying all the more seductive. 
Have you been seduced or had a successful quest on Etsy?  Sometimes I feel like the only one.

See the things I love here.


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