J’adore Outdoor Rooms

It’s a very British thing to be
preoccupied by the weather. In recent weeks whilst Summer still feels likes its
taking its holiday somewhere else, it’s been inescapably the topic of many
conversations. Admittedly I’m lost for words realising that the longest day of
the year is literally around the corner yet the temperature is barely above mid

In typically British fashion my husband
and I sat on the beach yesterday evening (waiting for our restaurant
reservation), foolishly believing it was warmer than it actually was. Like many
I relish long evenings outdoors with a drink in hand sitting in late evening
sunshine taking in the rays like a lizard. Whilst we might not be experiencing
the weather for it (but its coming soon I hope), I can’t help but be drawn to
garden furniture and garden design. There are so many wonderful options, no
longer are we condemned to perch our behinds on spindly wrought iron furniture
with rust patches (unless that’s the style you’re particularly after).

Outdoor dining in the UK is a rare thing. However small the window of opportunity it needs to be maximised and having a space in your garden to eat outside is essential. Even in the smallest of gardens its possible to incorporate dining space with the use of built in benches.

The below pictures just make me wish for
late evening sunshine, they are all rather fetching and well designed. 

My all time favourite garden furniture
is the Luxembourg range from Fermob. I absolutely love it and have done so ever
since I saw it for the first time in situ in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.
It’s just so spot on, clean lines, comfortable and in a great range of colours. I actually have this range in my own garden and its wearing well against the sea air and seagull mess. It really is fun to get a blast of colour when I step into our courtyard garden – verbena and turquoise in my case. 

Making an outdoor room is a smart move even though the sun may only shine occasionally here in the UK. Make sure you’re ready for that brief moment.

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