Paris Perfect Paris

My husband and I are debating a
trip away at the moment and Paris is on my mind (admittedly so is NYC and
This is a BIG year for
us; we’ll have been married for 10 years in September, known each other for 20
years in November and it’s our son’s first birthday in September also. That’s a
hell of a lot of milestones, I’m sure you’ll agree. 

Then I spotted this over at and I just couldn’t help myself. Paris started solidifying in my

You may
recall (
here) that I had hoped we’d be able to make a dash to Paris before our
little one arrived but that just wasn’t possible. So I have been itching to get
my French fix. Paris is such a gorgeous city, so easy to navigate on foot and
so much to look up at. Around almost every corner there is something fantastic
to see.

If I do
manage to make it Paris obviously treasure hunting of the flea market kind
would be on my mind (when is it not?) So
Marche aux Puces de
Saint-Ouen would be on the cards.
 But a trip to Paris wouldn’t be complete
without stopping in at Colette, Merci, Aesop, Diptyque and for interiors
Sentou and Catherine Memmi.  A
stroll through the picturesque
des Vosges and finding time to sit in the Jardins du Luxembourg on the
wonderful Fermob luxembourg chairs. 
Ahhh and all the better is the sun shines…..

Ohh and what’s better than a café and a sweet treat?

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