Wednesday wants {backpack style}

I have always loved these Fjällräven
backpacks ever since I first
clapped eyes on them. I’m not really a backpack kind of person so I’ve never
actually got around to getting one. Now out of necessity I am seriously
considering one.
backpacks are the Swedes bag of choice for schools kids (and the scouts).

As well as the spine-saving shape, the bags are made
from the super-durable Vinylon F fabric. Every year over 200,000 of the bags
are sold making them the best-selling backpacks in the world.

The Fjällräven Kånken is a
‘classic’ given its design has stayed the same since 1978 and whether you want
military-green or Sunny-Delight-yellow there’s a Kånken to suit everyone’s
colour tastes. I think the warm yellow one has my name written on it.


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