Preparation and planning {the baby countdown}

It’s a big week this week as I have a rather exciting
delivery. My baby “kit” is due to arrive. We’re talking travel system, car
seats, baby sling and crib etc. 
Then this weekend we have a shopping day planned with my family to go
purchase all the remaining essentials. 
I’m so excited and also a little concerned, where are we going to put
all the stuff!! 

This is the cot we are getting; the Swedish designed Stokke Sleepi

Whilst I have little expectation about the years to
come; all I know is that life is about to dramatically change.  It’s a joyful beautiful time as we wait
for the arrival of our little one and bloomin‘ daunting too.  My husband and I are both wishing away
the remaining weeks and also desperately wanting to hang on to this precious
time, as we’ll never get it back again.

The planning and preparation is in full swing and I
could be accused of being a tiny bit demented. We’re going to antenatal
classes, the nursery is decorated although still has a spare bed in it (not for
long!), we have a growing pile of boxes (and cute baby grows), deliveries are
imminent and then it’ll be tool time this weekend as we scratch our heads (and probably
swear a lot) and try to put things together.

Then I might just have to sit on my hands.

Image source: all via my Children’s Rooms Pinterest board


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