Mooching {Portobello and Golborne Road}

Some days I feel
as if my head will explode… what with endless lists and constant emails.
Today is one of those days and I just wish I was out in the sunshine.  On these days only a good mooch will
clear my head.

Last week on a similar sort of day I managed to
indulge my magpie eye in between appointments in London. A quick scoot down
Portobello and
Golborne Road made me smile and I also got to bask in
the sunshine.

Just mooching through a different range of streets or
shops always lifts my spirits. Plus everything always looks/feels better in the
sunshine too. I wish I’d had time for a bite to eat, as there were a couple of
tempting options.

I’m still dilly-dallying over the brass eagle (bottom
shot). My husband rightly says no, as we have no place for it but I want want want. My fixation with brass
is still no waning…..


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