Wednesday Wants {a trip to New Zealand}

I have a
couple of reasons for craving a trip to New Zealand but that’s on the back
burner, for a little while at least. 
I have family on North Island living the dream of a life less hectic.
The downside is that I don’t get to see my darling niece and nephew in person
very often – thank goodness for Skype, it really is a lifeline. The very big
plus side though is that I have an excuse (as if one was needed) to visit New
Zealand.  It is such a truly gorgeous country.  So my Wednesday
want is a lovely round trip *business* class ticket (not asking for much eh?) to
New Zealand for early 2013 so I can take my new arrival (due late Summer 2012) out to meet his cousins.

If that
wasn’t reason enough my friend’s husband (Michelin star chef Josh Emett) has
just opened a fantastic new restaurant in Queenstown –
Rata. It’s the talk of the town and
they quite rightly deserve all the fabulous press they are getting.
  Next time we’re in NZ we’re coming to
dine Josh and Helen.

Images Mary Middleton Design, Rata and Next Magazine NZ


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