Timeout Tuesday {living vicariously through Vogue Living}

One of the joys of reading
blogs and interiors magazines is the opportunity to peak inside other people’s
lives. In my mind I always have a
Lloyd Grossman impersonation running “Who
lives in a house like thuurrrrrrs?”
(Ok I actually did it out loud).  I’m fascinated by who’s homes we’re seeing, what do they do,
what are their lives like and usually does the sun shine a lot there?

OK it probably means I’m
naturally nosy but I do like a small large dose of vicarious living occasionally.
Nothing wrong with my life (its lovely thank you) but reading mags/blogs reminds me of drama
classes at school – lets play someone else for 45 minutes.

documented here a few times by fascination with overseas interiors magazines
and it shows no sign of abating.
was searching earlier for article I know that I have bookmarked (but can not
find) when I came across this lovely sunny home in
Vogue Living Australia Jan/Feb 2010 edition. Whilst this wasn’t what I was looking for,
I know exactly why it pulled me in…. firstly that punchy oversized artwork by
the stairs and secondly the colour yellow (a big hit with me at the moment).

I hope you
like it as much as I do on this sunny day (ok so I’m not writing this from a Sydney
beachside home, but who cares I live by the sea anyhow!)


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