Dining Tables – Are you a round, oval or rectangular fan?

Yesterday I was placing some orders for a project I started at the end of last year. The final pieces of the design are in motion including one of my favourite elements – a round dining table.  I love round dining room tables simply because they allow the host to feel connected to everyone seated at the table. They enable the conversation to flow so easily around the table and for everyone to feel included. Dining tables are obviously a given if you’re working on a family home. But another reason I love round tables is that they works just as well in a formal or informal setting, they are inviting, and guest-friendly and they shout pull up a chair and join in. Of course, not every home can easily accommodate a round table, but many can – just ask an interior designer!

This is the table on order for my client from Neptune.com


I find it’s best to choose the dining table first and then the chairs (although there is no rule when it comes to this).  In most situations, though the chair backs will be higher than the table but then again playing with this can bring surprising good results around a round table.

And while we are talking dining rooms – don’t forget lighting – remember to layer. Adding wall sconces and table lamps are a great way to layer the room’s lighting and create some drama. They can also enhance that sense of inclusion and having a “place” at the table. I also almost always install dimmer switches so that you can adjust the room’s lighting.

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  1. February 7, 2012 / 1:44 pm

    I am definitely a round table fan. Round tables just feel so much friendlier and more intimate!

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