Timeout Tuesday – sandy beaches & smugglers

If you’ve never been to the medieval town of Rye in East Sussex you might want to consider a day trip. Perched on a hill overlooking the Romney Marshes this ancient town has been an important Tax free trading port, a naval base, a fishing port and a market town.  Whilst from the late 12th century it was part of the Cinque Ports Confederation by the time the 18th and 19th centuries rolled around smuggling gangs were notorious in Rye.  It might be harder to imagine today as the town now sits approximately two miles from the open sea.

The sleepy little town (although in reality it’s the size of a small village) has some unique historic building, the oldest of which was built in the mid 12th Century. There is a handful of fun flea markets and antiques shops and a couple of miles away the breath taking Camber Sands – a 7 mile sandy beach with fantastic sand dunes.  I’m personal a fan of the George in Rye, its Bar allows dogs and the food always hits the spot. A great place to visit after a long walk on the beach.



  1. January 24, 2012 / 9:00 am

    Lovely place. I went camping at camber sands a few years ago and it was great fun. We ate in a hungry horse though which wasn't nearly so good. Lovely photos x

  2. January 24, 2012 / 9:36 am

    Lovely pics, Mary. I need to travel more around the UK, love the countryside! Cheers from snowing Munich, Igor xoxo

  3. January 24, 2012 / 9:57 am

    thanks Igor and if you ever want to visit Brighton, you know how to reach me 😉

    Annie did you camp on the beach or one of the parks just behind it?

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