Monday Inspiration – give a little love

A little love goes a long way and this beautiful leather Elephant by Deru has been loved. I came across this peaceful and noble creature via Sam Kaufman’s gallery, unfortunately it had already been sold by the time I spotted it.  He’s from the 1960’s by a German company called Deru and made from a single piece of leather that has been folded, molded, crimped and stitched. He has a gorgeous patina to him with scratches and staining but all it does is add more character and make it more realistic. Such an amazing shape too.

A truly loveable object. This lovely fellow made me think of my love for vintage…. yes when do I not dream of vintage. 

I really appreciate a lovingly worn chair where you can see the life its lived and how its previous owners have left there mark… quite literally some times. The below images are from my pinterest account so please stop by and have a look.



  1. January 30, 2012 / 8:12 pm

    Ah he is really cute 🙂 What a shame you couldn't bring him home with you.

  2. January 22, 2014 / 5:48 pm

    in picked up one of these form a car boot sale in South Wales having no idea what it was worth – i just thought it very unusual – and a real bargain i have since discovered!!

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