Monday Inspiration – walk tall and look up

Well I’m in Stockholm and boy am I going to have so much to post about, but, I wanted to share these with you as Monday’s inspiration. {A whole new perspective}

The below pictures are from Brazilian photographer Bruno Calls series of architectural photographs. It’s so easy in life to fall into a pattern to go about our tasks and chores in a routine manner. But when we really take the time to look at things or listen, it’s surprising what you’ll actually see or hear.

The images of the buildings in São Paulo, Tokyo and Buenos Aires show a radically different perspective on commonplace street scene. Simply by looking up we get a fresh point of view. So walk tall this week and look up – you never know what you’ll notice.

images via Daily Icon



  1. December 20, 2011 / 5:58 pm

    Been looking up and listening hard – mostly though can hear the inside of my hood!

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