Monday Inspiration – Sunshine on a chilly day

A sunny Autumnal day is so reviving. I love a crisp day with bright sunshine it makes my heart beat faster and brings a smile to my eyes. When it’s unexpected it like you’re numbers have come up in the lottery.

I have the luxury of living close to the sea and also in a vibrant city. So for me, access to light and big skies is something I take for granted. 

In order to maximise natural light architects and designers often look to increase the amount or size of glazing.  I really love the approach in the below examples – so much light and truly amazing views in some of these too… Now I just need to move my home so I have a sea view.

Sources House in Buzen by Suppose Design Office via dailyicon, Shallard House by Lat Forty Five via Archdaily, studio space by nicolas tye architects via CoolBoom, The 910 Project by Smith Designs via contemporist, trial bay house by HBV Architects via Australian Institute of Architects, Wood House Finne Architects via Trendir


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