Why so Angular and Spiky?

Today for unknown reason’s I am being drawn to angular and almost uncomfortable shapes. So I thought I’d share some that have captured my imagination.

Nucleo, a collective of artists/designers is participating in the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy for which they have created the below table – 1000 camice rosse. It incorporates a thousand red shirts in blocks of resin. The project by Piergiorgio Robino and Alice Occleppo, is inspired by the army of Garibaldi, and interprets the passion, heart, heroism and unselfishness of its members.

I actually find this quite fun – the art world will strike me down now. The shape is playfully constructed of cubes or building blocks.  Whilst this piece of art makes a powerful statement, I can just imagine it in a wonderful loft style apartment with fantastic lighting.

image via here 

The exhibition in which 1000 camice rosse is exhibiting is open between the 17th March – 17th of November, 2011

The Miuu suspension lamp by Arturo Alvarez has fabric that wraps the shade of this light in an unexpected way creating colour and volume. It kind of reminds me of flowers but maybe the sharp spiky kind that eat insects. The only detractor I have, as this is a suspension lamp is the dust collecting in those folds!

The Sea-Urchin lounge chair by the Dutch design studio OOOMS is handmade using 8000 cable-ties to give it the spiky appearance of the simple sea creature it’s named after. Oh how I want to feel its spikiness as I sit and read a book.

Now this is from a restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine by Sergey Makhno and Butenko-Vasiliy. Quite a big statement here – spiky textured walls and an irregular angular chair. I really want to try out that chair and see how comfortable it is. Enough comfort to sit back and have leisurely drink? Or does it make you hurry up so you go visit the comfort of the restaurant? I suppose I’m really looking at the squish factor. However I am quite taken with the colour of the chairs.

image via here


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