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Welcome to hello peagreen!  I really hope you enjoy browsing the blog posts and photos here.  I would love to hear from you if you have any comments.

Mary Middleton [editor of hellopeagreen] email: mary@hellopeagreen.com

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Mary Middleton started a blog in 2010 which has morphed into hellopeagreen.com.  As an Interior design professional and an interior design tutor, it developed as an online scrapbook of inspiration celebrating the ordinary and the extraordinary in design and decor as well as curating trends, vintage hunting hotspots and updates on my travels.  I have a HUGE appetite for design candy and love going to exhibitions/salvage/vintage/antique fairs. As well as writing for my own blog, I am a freelance interiors writer and have created content for others. When I'm not here, I can be found on twitter @hello_peagreen  pinterest @hello_peagreen and instagram @hello_peagreen (I post there every day). If you want, you can hire me to work with you

This is a PR friendly blog. So what does that mean? I love to work with brands to gain more exposure if the products/service are relevant to me and my readers. Let's discuss some ideas by emailing: Mary@hellopeagreen.com

I have been lucky enough to work with the following companies on various campaigns and promotions.
Interni Magazine, MADE,  John Lewis, Next, Habitat, FAGE
Please get in touch if you are interested in working together in anyway.

Occasionally you'll hear about my gorgeous son who is now 4 and my handsome dog Milo.

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