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Thursday, 10 August 2017

If you follow me on my other channels you will know I haven’t fallen under a bus. The blog silence has been procrastination and then a technical hoo-ha. I’ve been redesigning the blog layout and then trying to implement it, which, didn’t happen successfully. So I’ve scratched my head a bit and gone back to tutorials and how-to videos. So in a very over due fashion, I’m back with a post that should have been posted at least 6 weeks ago when I wrote it.

So what news have I to share:
  • The big news is that my Pinterest boards have been blowing up lately and I think you might like what I’ve been pinning there
  • I'm working on a project with the House that bloggers built where 5 bloggers are styling a house from top to toe in Brighton. I'll be having fun styling the living room and a home office space - watch this space for updates
  • As always I'm having fun over on instagram where you might have seen my latest trip with Yelloh Village to Biarritz
  • Also, I am going to be launching a quarterly newsletter and will be sharing the sign-up details with you soon. 
Sorry again for the absence, I PROMISE I won’t leave it so long next time. 

Why Oslo is a Family Friendly City Break destination

If you have young children then Oslo is a brilliant family friendly city break destination to add to your travel bucket list.

Back in May when bank holidays bookend the month, I went on two city breaks with my family (my DH and my 4-year-old boy, Milo stayed at his doggy friends house). One was a break in London and one to Oslo in Norway.
Oslo with children, family friendly Oslo

If you were following along on Instagram or twitter at the time you’ll have seen that we had a fabulous time in Oslo.  We were the lucky ones to experience glorious sunshine in Oslo even if the temperatures weren’t exactly Mediterranean, I still came back with some new freckles.  Oslo shone like a jewel with all the reflected light from the water and that I really hadn’t been expecting. We rediscovered how much we love Northern European cities (in May 2016 we went to Copenhagen as a family) and discovered what a compact do-able city Oslo is for a family travelling with a child who needs to stop regularly but equally run off some energy from time to time.

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