Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Milan Design Week - Brera - Part 1

Milan Design Week as always was an epic chaotic adventure with lots of unplanned stops and last minute change of plans.  It’s, without a doubt, the biggest design festival on the planet and hoards of design lovers descend to partake in the spectacle. Meaning the city is busy busy busy and occasionally you have to put up with some pretty snobby design cognoscenti trying to make you feel inferior. It’s ok though, as every level of design is represented at MDW - from IKEA to Tokujin Yoshioka to Jamie HayĆ³n. Over on Instagram, I have been spamming my account with all the beautiful design I’ve seen and amazing spaces I have experienced. There is far too much to share in one post so I’m going to share over a series. Stay with me, you’ll enjoy it I promise.
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