Monday, 5 December 2016

Design Tourist: 32 Hours in Paris travel tips

Now what on earth can you do in 32 hours in Paris? Well quite a lot actually. At the end of November I took a quick trip to Paris for what was essentially a girls night out - just one that lasted 32 hours and involved getting on a plane. It wasn't a hedonistic spend up though, just a chance to spend some quality time together (a feat that's quite hard to achieve when your a Mum) albeit in Paris.  Brighton to Central Paris can be done in under 3hrs which is a seriously quick hop. It was one of my #take12trips for 2016 and it was a really wonderful weekend.
So when time is tight you either need to scheduled the hell out of your trip or be lucky enough to know Paris so well that you can be laid back with your plans.  Happily the latter was the case for us BUT that was because we were visiting a local (and I've already been there 4 times this year).

Friday, 2 December 2016

Design Tourist - Rome

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel frequently and still my travel bucket list seems to grow. This year I undertook the #take12trips challenge which has been a wonderful opportunity to see glorious things and reconnect with inspiring places and people. At the end of October I traveled to Rome with my husband - our first weekend away together alone since our son was born 4 years ago. It's a destination that's been on my wish list for quite some time and at last I've been. In fact the City in its entire ancient marvel dazzled me so much that I've already booked a return visit.  

Rome whilst ancient in many parts is quintessentially about design. For more than 1000 years it was the heart of the ancient world, the capital city of the most powerful empire on the planet. It continued the legacy of Ancient Greece but the Romans wanted their art and architecture to be useful as well as beautiful - could this possibly even be the birthplace of form and function? 

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