Thursday, 27 October 2016

Instagram - My favourite makers to follow

I’ve pledged over the next couple of months to share the people I follow on Instagram that I think are worth following. It’s all very subjective but as a visual learner and a modern day follower of Aestheticism I hope you'll like what I share. Instagram's following shows no sign of slowing with over 500 million users up from 300 million users in January 2015. Did you know that 95million pictures and videos are uploaded everyday? Mind boggling really.

Instagram is great platform for creatives and makers showcasing their amazing talent to world. Some makers have particularly embraced the visual media and worked hard on styling and lighting making their feeds a must to follow.  So I'm sharing my favourite makers who you can’t fail to agree post beautiful images. 

Wood & Woven is the account of Alex Devol (@woodwoven) who's has a simple, honest approach to design where aesthetics and utility are intrinsic. I saw his products at London Design Fair and each handmade piece was spectacular. 
Florian Gadsby (@floriangadsbyis a potter working Greenwich London his instagram showcases his own work which is limited to small batches. He has a keen eye for a great instgram shot too. 
As a designer and architect Natascha Madeiski’s (@nataschamadeiskiceramics work has wonderful shape and form and often includes brass detailing and interesting textures. 
Wood maker Arielle Alasko (@arielealasko) makes gorgeous headboards, cutting boards, hand-carved spoons and much more. Her feed often shows what she is working on in her studio and frequently features her brood of pets.
Ingrid Ruegemer (@ingrid_ruegemer) is a designer and artist based in Munich working with ceramics and metals. She doesn’t post very often but one of the things I find so very appealing is that when she does post, it’s always in threes. 
The botanical art by artist Jenny Kiker (@livingpattern) is beautiful and in some instances incredibly life like and to scale. She also shares images of her prints and orginals in her wonderfully lush and green home filled with plants. 
London based Luke Hope (@hopeinthewoods) started 'Hope in the Woods' after 20 years pursuing other interests and now fulfills his enjoyment of working with wood… and boy is it beautiful
blockcolourdesign (@blockcolourdesign) is run by Jess who lives in Wellington New Zealand she creates one of a kind woven wall hangings made designed and made in New Zealand. 
All images from the instagram accounts of those listed.


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