Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Design Tourist - Copenhagen

Today we have access and freedom that are early forefathers couldn’t even have imagined, even my own parents had a fairly limited scope of travel in their lives and were often astonished at the travel I did. Now in a truly western way of living, we pretty much have access to the whole world and with that our horizons have been broadened.  This freedom isn't just about being able to get on a plane but also views formed via the media and the internet about far away shores. I feel very lucky indeed that my work has taken me around the globe and in doing so, has made me want to explore further and see more.  Travel has helped me to build opinions, refine my critique and also discover new and exciting things to cherish.  It really is a privilege that I often take for granted.
Design Tourist Copenhagen, places to visit
Recently I had the chance to be a design tourist in Copenhagen and if you follow me on instagram you’ll know it was love at first sight.  It seems outlandish to state that great design can be found on just about every corner in Copenhagen. But it really can. So here are my (by no means exhaustive) thoughts on the best design hunting spots in town.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Milan Design Week: More from Eurocucina 2016

Last week I kicked off my Eurocucina highlights from my Milan Design Week trip here. Today I'm going to take you through some of the other trends I spotted while walking the halls of kitchen design and kitchen technology.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Why I picked it - Liebherr Wine Fridge

Milan Design Week with the Design Hounds is a fast paced affair, which includes some lovely meet the brand opportunities through sponsored dinners or events. One such experience was with Liebherr Refrigeration, I was chuffed to know we’d spend some time with this team, as I am a fully paid up member of the Liebherr Refrigeration owner club.  In my own personal kitchen I have a 10-year-old Liebherr fridge freezer and it has kept me very happy.  I love Liebherrs commitment to using great engineering to create solutions that keep food fresh while also being eco conscious and thinking of the end consumer.

I am even happier that they have launched the most perfect product ever. The new compact WKEgw 582 aka the wine refrigerator that’s the same size as a microwave. It holds 18 wine bottles AND I WANT IT. I’m not kidding I really really want this in my life. So why have I picked it?

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Milan Design Week 2016: Eurocucina Highlights

So I’ve been back from Italy for just over two weeks now and I still haven’t really given you an update on Milan Design Week. Sorry some technical hitches got in the way ;) If you’re on social media you could not have failed to notice the design world was consumed by the most important design event of the year, Salone del Mobile. I even wrote an article over here about how easily it is to be consumed with FOMO during Milan Design Week. The feeling you’re missing out on a design gem or that someone has unearthed the best installation is almost unshakable when you are in Milan as social media just about explodes.


Friday, 6 May 2016

Something for the weekend - London Craft Week

London Craft Week opened for its second year running this week with a wide range of exhibitors shedding light on the connection between craft and luxury. It’s a wonderful time to see exceptional craftsmanship up close and personal by visiting hidden workshops and seeing unknown makers alongside celebrated masters. Last year the first London Craft Week launched with 70 events. This year there is a packed programme of activities with 130 events, demonstrations and showcases happening across the city. Visit for details

Monday, 2 May 2016

Bathroom trends from Salone del Mobile 2016

I know you've probably overdosed on Salone by now, not least because social media is saturated with all the pretty things on show. A lesser-explored area of Salone del Mobile is the International Bathroom Exhibition. The bathroom has undergone a total revolution in the last 10 years, from functional area to wellness room, from an “unseen” room to one definitely worthy of being on “display”. 
Dedicated to the bathroom, SaloneBagno’s 200+ exhibitors come together to show bathroom products that have been revolutionised by design, technology and style in general. These bathrooms are primarily areas dedicated to wellness and relaxation but often with an ecological mindset. Many companies across the bathroom industry are helping us to be efficient with water, adding technology to create flow rates that feel more luxurious than they really are – a No.1 client request for most residential clients being a powerful shower.

Bookish - The Wealden Literary Festival

I love to read and find it rather odd that not everyone shares my joy of the written word. I'll even read a book I dislike to the end. At my rather fab bookclub, we drink champagne while we discuss the merits of the monthly read. It's all rather proper though, we do actually read the book.  In fact there is an enforced three strikes for not having read the book before you are dismissed!!  

So I am more than happy to share with you all the details of an emerging literary festival in Kent - The Wealden Literary Festival.  My friend Laura approached me with the details and it just sounds fantastic. It's a festival rooted in place and nature for children and adults. Given how much I loved the Good Life Experience in Wales last year it sounds right up my street.  It's on the 18th - 19th June just outside Tenterden in Kent.  The theme will be explored through literature and art plus they've got a fantastic line up of authors, artists, craftsmen, food stalls, children's workshops etc over the course of the weekend.  The Meek family are going to be running a children’s bushcraft workshop – I know at least one small boy who’d be fascinated. The venue is in the heart of the countryside  surrounded by 100 acres of woodland and farmland, so the idea is that people will come and run wild in the countryside for the weekend and hopefully be inspired by the artists and acclaimed authors.   They are currently holding both a photography and a writing competition to win tickets to the festival. Both competition’s have an under 14’s category.  The details of which are here .

Hopefully I’ll see you there

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