Wednesday, 30 March 2016

the perfectly styled vignette

I'm a fan of a creating a little vignette in interiors, particularly on a sideboard or a console table. I was explaining this recently on a workshop I was leading when someone asked me to elaborate further, not understanding what a vignette was. I was surprised that this wasn't jargon understood by everyone, as practically every magazine I read seems to have something about styling a coffee table or a bookshelf.  So for the uninitiated a vignette is a small scene that creates a focus on one point in a space by creating a composition. This usually is a small pleasing view made up of meaningful or related items. It's a extremely useful way of creating a focal point and can be easily changed overtime when the feeling takes your fancy. 
A vignette is sometimes used to help create a particular emotion in an interior space such as calmness, it can express drama or it can just simply be a decorative distillment. The arrangements above show how easily they can be put together and equally changed when you feel like it. The main elements remain in both compositions - the mirror and light on the top shelf and all the items on the second shelf - but the arrangement on the top surface has been modified and updated. It's easy to use items that you usually already own trays, bowls, vases, boxes and stacks of books and unusual finds.

Incorporating art can be highly effective as seen in the two below images and both also show a light source - there really is no point in putting in the effort of styling a composition like this and then not lighting it! Both of these also include a stack of books which is a great way to incorporate books into your interior. I personally have so many large format books that I have included stacks all around my house and often with an object on top like below.

There are however few guiding principles to building a successful vignette.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

London Design Week 2016

If you're an interior designer or an avid consumer of interiors trends you'll be familiar with the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour in London. It's the lynchpin of fabric, surface coverings, furniture, lighting and interiors products in the UK, standing at over 150,000 sq ft it's a design destination with lots to offer. The three light-filled glass domes of DCCH are this week the nucleus of the London Design Week activities, while the sun streamed through on Monday I took my first run through of what was new and exciting.
If you've never been to the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour it can be a daunting, there is a lot of ground to cover and it can feel like there are endless showrooms - there are 116 in fact. During design week the centre is open to the public from Wednesday 16th March till Friday 18th, it's a good time to visit as it feels more approachable with design trails to follow, plenty of demonstrations and talks by designers, makers and crafts people. 
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