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Monday, 30 June 2014

Here are a few more lovely and/or odd things seen at Masterpiece London. 
The lovely folk/naive art on Robert Young Antiques I was particularly taken with this fine Noah's Ark Toy collection and this lovely terrier.
Birds of feather stick together and they also freak my husband out. I'd love to see his reaction to Polly Morgan's taxidermy telephone - tweet tweet. 
Another macabre sculpture by Polly Morgan which involves a taxidermy fox being attacked by an octopus and birds. 
Marble sculpture (on left) by Elizabeth Turk from £90,000 to £260,000 exhibited by Hirsch and Adler The statues on plinths at the Galerie Chenel stand
This portrait is captivating and the colours in the abstract were absolutely up my street. I'd have happily had either of these to take home.
 Gordon Watson's stand
The picture of the right again of birds was fascinating and definitely made me feel uncomfortable although the "nest like" framing was inspired (Peter Petrou). Unfortunately the pictures didn't come out well but I was quite taken withe the Mullany Religious pieces.

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