Monday, 10 February 2014

Making the most of your space with versatile furniture

Only today I was having a conversation with a client about the size of so much furniture found in furniture stores.  There seems to be a proliferation of oversized sofas, chairs, dining tables etc. Yet the housing stock in most urban areas is the UK is Victorian or Edwardian, in fact more than 4 million houses in the UK date from before 1919 (BRE report IP9/06). 

Many of these have less space than our modern lives would like us to have.  In compact homes multifunctional pieces of furniture are pretty much essential. 

If you are struggling with floor space and looking for ways to improvise, having multipurpose items can make all the difference.  You can free up floor space by using small-scale pieces of furniture and it’s also worthwhile considering whether they’ll work in more than one room of your home. Whilst being practical can be a bore, furniture that you could use in any room in your house will have longevity. Although do make sure that they are easy to move!

It's relatively simple to make the most of your space with versatile furniture, it just takes a little thought and some forward planning.  A versatile table can play a host of roles in a home for example. A decent sized side table can be used as an end table with a lamp, a workspace when used with a laptop, a bedside table, a dressing table when a mirror is added or even double up as casual dining (for those TV dinners). It’s not just somewhere where you and your guests will put down their drinks.

Equally multifunctional are ottomans. They can be blanket boxes, coffee tables, a great place to prop your feet up and you can use them for additional seating. Let alone that they provide oodles and oodles of storage.

I have just selected a great item from that I’m planning to use as a side table and a bedside table in my soon to be swapped over home office, as it’s becoming a guest bedroom. As space is tight having a table that can double up in its purpose is a must. Mine will spend time in the living room as well as the guest room where it will move effortlessly from activity to activity, so being light/easy to move is important. One night it will have a hastily rushed microwave lasagne atop it, the following day it will be the perfect destination for my house guests morning cuppa.  It might even become an impromptu playdoh workstation for my son.  I’ll keep you posted once it's up and running.
All items shown are by tables in first image are Spun, Twain, Cube and Tri. The ottomans are Decker and Hawkins



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