Monday, 13 January 2014

Moody Dark Walls

Baby its dark outside…. I am particularly feeling the dark mornings and early dusk at the moment. Yes I know we’ve just crept the other side of the shortest day of the year, BUT I have just spent a couple of weeks in the sunlight in New Zealand. So the darkness here has been dramatic after not being able to see Christmas lights till after 10pm!

Just like there is no magic way to make the days longer or sunnier trying to make a dark room lighter with paint colour alone is a losing battle. Keeping it light toned generally leads to mediocre. I’m sure we’ve all seen the seductive pictures of Abigail Aherns home to know that dark shades have drama. So I’m taking my own advice and turning once again to the darkside. My home office, which is soon to be a guest room, is going darker – it’s currently Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath. I’m toying with dark blues, dark greens and dark plums but who knows where the roulette ball will land. I'll keep you posted. 
I think this might be Farrow & Ball Brinjal. Image from pinterest here. It is probably not right for the room I have in mind but its a great colour. 

This teal coloured wall is a fantastic colour. I'm not sold on the styling of it but it works very well with chartreuse. Image from design-crisis here
But if I only could put some emerald green velvet upholstery in the room then this is the one I'd be rocking.... image here.

The search continues for me but I hope there are some more gutsy souls out there too.


  1. I'm laughing about my facebook update yesterday now that I've seen your post!! I'm going to the dark side in my living room this year, I have my heart set on F&B Stiffkey Blue for one of the larger walls. Looking forward to see what you choose!


    1. As soon as I saw your post I was chuckling. I'll keep you posted, just painted out a large sample of Farrow & Ball London Clay and also Charleston Gray.....

  2. Great colours! Particularly love teal


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